My daughter had her 30 wks ultrasound and I was amazed at how much detail could be seen of Austin’s expressions. Domannic was awesome and patient with the many family members that were there for the special event. Thank you for making our first look at Austin a special one. We’ll cherish it forever.
— Margaret Braus

I went in at 30 weeks for an ultrasound for my baby girl. Everyone told me I should go there because it was an amazing experience for them, but then I saw how truly amazing it was. The staff is so kind, and really cares about you and your baby. They take their time and try to get you the best pictures possible. I recommend Angel Prints to ANYONE. My appointment was yesterday, and I am already scheduling another one! (:
— Robin Caronna

My family and I came in to hopefully determine what our “little peanut” was going to be. This was the most amazing experience I have ever had along with my family. The staff was so friendly and were as happy as us when we found out the news that we are having a baby boy. I can’t wait until we can come back for the 4D experience.
— Madison Follweiler

Went for a scan at about 30 weeks we were treated so well and received such wonderful photos of my baby girl Dominick was amazing at the Lafayette office.
— Tiara Davenport

We had an amazing experience each time that we have gone. Love the people and the atmosphere, can’t wait to go back for my next pregnancy!
— Malori Avel

We absolutely love this place and would recommend it to anyone. The staff is very friendly and goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable. I’m very impressed.
— Taylor Sarradet

I love this place. The guy (Dom)who does the ultrasounds is the nicest guy I have ever met. he does a great job of trying to get great pictures of the baby! I’m so glad i was able to experience my pregnancy with this place. they got some awesome pictures of my little man. thank you!
— Victoria Bourque

We had the most amazing experience at Angel Prints! It was absolutely worth it! There’s seating inside and outside for waiting if you bring a large group as we did. We had the most amazing ultrasound tech. He was SO personal and made the entire experience so enjoyable. They were so polite and you could tell they truly loved their job and pleasing us as the customer. Our session was a lot longer than expected!

I would highly recommend the DVD! They record the entire session with sweet music in the background!

He told us very confidently that we were having a girl! I will find out in 4 weeks if my doctor says the same thing. Even if I am the 00.01% of people and he is wrong, the experience was still worth the 2-hour drive and the money we paid for the session.

If you have a large family, we fit 12 of our family members plus me and my husband in the room. Any more than that would probably be too many people. They also offer discounts for teachers, police officers, and military. If you’re trying to decide on where to go for an ultrasound at any stage of your pregnancy, choose Angel Prints! You won’t be disappointed!
— Victoria Thomas