The Ultimate Family Bonding Experience


The love of a family are the bonds that make life worth living. That deep, “in your bones,” love and acceptance for just being a soul in this world is what we all crave and that is what we aim to help you and your family create with your little one. So let the family love begin today.


Angel Prints The Mommy Meet Session

Session 1: The Mommy Meet

This session is designed for Mom (and Dad) to truly connect with their little one. Ideally taking place during the 14-15th week you get to not only see your little one, but to know if your little one is a little GUY or little GAL. Yep, it’s GENDER REVEAL time.


This session is an exciting and intimate sneak peek where you (and your partner) can spend precious moments truly connecting with your little one, hearing their heartbeat, and building those love filled bonds that will carry you all for a lifetime.


And you won’t just be leaving with memories, leave with your own Welcome To The Family keepsake book helping you track and take note of all the thoughts, feelings, and emotions you have about your little one.  

Plan on being at our place for about an hour. This way you have plenty of time to bond with your little one (about 25 minutes) and take time to capture the memories and emotions in your Welcome To The Family keepsake book while it is all fresh in your head and your heart.

Angel Prints Meet The Family Session

Session 2: Meet The Family

Let’s get serious about the introductions. At your Meet The Family session you can bring as many or as few people as you like to meet your little one. Usually occurring between weeks 28-29, this is the time that those little chubby cheeks start to show.


Because families range in size from 2- 22, we are able to accommodate small groups of 4 in our imaging suites and the extended clan in our separate family room that houses  a 60 inch HD television showing off your little one to the ooh’s and aww’s of all of your family and friends.


And like what always happens in the South, a family get together quickly becomes a party. Well no party is complete without two things: fun and gifts. As our gift to you, you will receive one of our Angel Bears with the heartbeat of your little one tucked inside. Yes, you now and for always can hear the heartbeat of your little love. Plus receive the DVD and MP4 file of your visit, as well as a Gender Reveal Ballon to share the surprise with all who couldn’t attend your appointment.


As with all of our sessions, take as much time as you want to. We understand that you're building bonds - take all the time you need.

Angel Prints See Me. Can’t Wait To Meet Me Session

Session 3: See Me. Can’t Wait To Meet Me.

The excitement and love is building, you can hardly wait to see your little one. Well, at your See Me. Can’t Wait To Meet Me. Session you get to check out your little one’s face, body and truly get a sense of what this little soul will look like at birth.


Occurring sometime between your 32-36 week, this session is usually the most inspiring and exciting one because - “YES! THAT’S YOUR BABY!!!” And what an amazing opportunity to check out all the nuances of your little one’s, face, hand, little elbow, and that precious baby bum. (That is if your little one shows us their backside.)



At all sessions you will receive:

  • Paper snapshots of your little one

  • Digital and Polaroid family prints

  • A personalized, non-rushed experience

  • Warm, welcoming home like environment

  • Quiet time to sit down, capture, and really soak up all that you are feeling from bonding with your little one in your Welcome To The Family keepsake book


And of course at every session, we encourage you to bring:

  • As many or few people as you like (12 people max per room, but we can accomidate more upon request)

  • Your questions (we have answers)

  • Welcome To The Family keepsake book to capture all the moments and emotions before you rush off and back into the busyness of your life


The Ultimate Family Bonding Experience for $327.

(payment options available DURING SCHEDULING)